Portugal: Best wines at exclusive prices

In an article published by the luxury business magazine Forbes, the “10 Best European Red Wines Under 20$” (18,70€) were revealed and Portugal shows off its “Churchill Estates Douro 2012”.

You can enjoy this wine for only 18$ (16,50€), a big and robust wine from the sun-baked lands of Douro. Just reaching its prime, packed with the heady aromas of rosemary and wild mountain thyme, “Churchill Estates Douro 2012” is the perfect antidote for mid-winter gloom and an ideal companion for a hearty stew.

Thanks to the modern practices in the vineyard and winery sector, accumulated over several centuries, putting a lot of emphasis on quality rather than quantity, Portugal produces a very wide variety of different wines with distinctive personalities and can count with two wine producing regions protected by UNESCO as World Heritage: the Douro Valley Wine Region (Douro Vinhateiro) and Pico Island Wine Region (Ilha do Pico Vinhateira).