Portugal – The best retirement destination for British people

Nowadays, there are around 60,000 British people currently living in Portugal. Lisbon and Porto attract homeowners and tourists for being trendy cities for work and enjoyment and the Algarve mainly for vacation and retirement purposes, offering world-class golf resorts, restaurants, sports facilities and marinas.

In the British website “A Place in the sun”, Portugal maintains its place as one of the favorite destinations for the purpose of retirement for Britons. Let’s have a look at the tips this website provides us:

British people are attracted by the excellent National Health Care in Portugal, which ranked 14th in the Euro Health Consumer Index 2016 published by Health Power House, well above the UK, which ranked 18th. Portugal offers a superbly Integrated Medical Emergency System, which provides a fast response time, and a private Portuguese healthcare is gaining popularity and becoming more readily available, since these private centers and hospitals work with the international private medical insurance companies. 

The Portuguese are known for being a kind and helpful people, and even though the idiom can be a little bit tricky to understand and learn, you’ll always be able to find people that talk in English wherever you go, so setting up is as easy as it seems!

The affordability of living in Portugal is one of the most attractive aspects, and also one of the main reasons why a lot of people from all over the world are moving abroad. Coffee, wine and fresh fruit in the local markets are cheap and worthwhile buys!

And when it’s about taxes, Portugal is one of the most generous in Europe: you can enjoy the NHR (Non-Habitual Tax Residency Programme), which means that, for a period of 10 years, the applicants will be able to enjoy a flat rate of 20% on all foreign income and preferential rates of tax on pensions, dividends and some other forms of income. Also, the Golden Visa Programme, launched specifically for Non-EU residents, allows investors to become European citizens by purchasing a property for a minimum of 350.000€, amongst others types of applications.