5 Reasons to Choose Living in Portugal over Anywhere Else

The reasons to move to Portugal and enjoy this vibrant and excellent country are endless, but in a recent testimonial in the website “Live and Invest Overseas”, an experienced company specialized in researching and reporting on opportunities for living well, investing for profit and owning real estate around the world, we find out through Melanie Veah 5 reasons why Portugal is a fantastic place to live in! 

Melanie decided she wanted to establish a base somewhere new that would allow her the freedom she needed to travel the world and she stopped in Portugal. Here are the reasons why!

1 – Because it’s Europe!: The amazing weather, with a really nice average temperature lasting the whole year, living close to the ocean and the historical heritage of Portugal, but also having the rest of the major countries in Western Europe so close by.

2 – Good Technology Infrastructure: Being connected to the Internet and the world is one of the most important things nowadays and Portugal is a very well serviced country by cable and there’s WiFi everywhere! Who doesn’t like that?

3 – Very affordable cost of life: Europe, in comparison with the USA, is very affordable and Portugal is even more! Groceries, fresh fruit, vegetables and stores are everywhere, and the items they sell are not that expensive! You can take good drinks in the beach or a tasty meal in the center of Lisbon and have your mind blown away by how cheap it is.

4 – A country in constant expansion: Portugal is Europe’s Hot-Spot, a Hidden Gem, constantly growing due to the foreign investment and tourism, accompanied by successful investment programs such as the Golden Visa, which allows you to get a European Passport. The Golf Courses, the stunning beaches or the friendly people attract many from all over Europe and even from its neighboring countries.

5 – Easy language and nice people: In Portugal, most people understand and know how to speak in English, and the numbers are increasing rapidly, so even if your Portuguese is weak, the people are always available to help you! Although, taking some classes is always nice, at least, to know the basics of Portuguese, which is so important!

And in the words of the interviewed: “With a flexible attitude, you will have great experiences and create amazing memories. Expect that you will learn more about yourself and get so much more out of the adventure than you imagined.”

More and more people are moving abroad to Portugal, some to invest, diversify their investment portfolio or to live overseas, but one thing is true: it’s the best option!