Forbes has recently awarded Portugal as one of the Best Places To Retire Abroad in 2019.

In no particular order, the publication distinguished 24 countries as the best options for Americans to enjoy their retirement, considering having high standards of living at a much lower cost than the US. They also refer “good weather, great scenery and fascinating culture” as well as political stability and easy assurance of legal residency as aspects they took in consideration when deciding the crowned destinations.
For Portugal, Forbes highlight the “warm but pleasing climate”, low cost of living, good health care, low crime rate, the understanding and speaking of the English language and the relative proximity to the US as the top conditions.

Due to Portugal’s star Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Resident programs, it is quite simple and easy to get a legal residence permit in the country. This plus the tax agreement between Portugal and the United States to avoid double taxation makes the country a paradise for retirees.

The publication considers particularly Lisbon and the Algarve as the Portuguese destinations most sought-after by Americans, being the two locations where expats tend to cluster.

But this isn’t the first time that Portugal is awarded with merit in these matters. Two years ago, Portugal had already ranked in a 2017 Best Countries report, as one of the best countries to travel alone and to retire comfortably.

Earlier this year, Portugal also assumed a prominent position in the retirement destinations of other studies, like the ones from Live and Invest Overseas and International Living.

In the ranking from Live and Invest Overseas, the Algarve is the star region, being considered the best place to live after retirement, and Cascais the 5th best, praising roughly the same conditions as the Forbes ranking. In their study, the Algarve is for the fifth year in a row the best place in the world to retire overseas, because it has “sunshine throughout the year and the winters are short and mild”, an expat community that is well established and welcoming, affordable and high quality medical facilities and health care and undervalued properties with ocean views and suited to all budgets.

As for International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for 2019, Portugal appears in 7th place, enshrined in the Top 10 because of reasons that go from “the mellow and very receptive to foreigners” population, to the affordable lifestyle and the low level of stress in the country.