During 2019, the number of British tourists in Portugal even increased, with the UK representing the highest number of visitors in the country.

New numbers from Statistics Portugal show that between 2013 and 2019 the number of British visitors in Portugal increased continuously, with their preferred destination being the Algarve, representing 63,4% of the overnight stays. According to the Statistics Institute, between 2013 and 2019, the number of UK citizens visiting our country showed an increase of 51.2 percent in the number of guests and 32.2 percent in the number of overnight stays.

In 2019, the presence of the British market increased in all Portugal’s regions, except for Madeira.

Contrary to what was expected with the United Kingdom leaving the EU, increasingly more British tourists choose Portugal as their holiday destination, besides being the best retirement destination for British people.

So, contrary to the haunting idea that Brexit could affect the boom that Portugal’s tourism has been sensing for the past few years, Britons still love Portugal’s beaches, golf courses and wine cellars.

Also, our country is planning to continue accepting the European Health Insurance Cards for British citizens visiting Portugal, offering British tourists subsidized post-Brexit healthcare. “If these are issues that are important to the British traveler, then we have to go for it”, Portugal’s tourism minister said.

That way, Portugal replicates the medical assistance covered by the EHI cards that protect the European Union’s citizens, in an attempt to still retain the higher number of UK tourists in the country or even multiply it, since there are other options on the table to prevent those visitors from not coming back.

With the new measures, Portugal tries to strengthen the longest still-running alliance in the world, dating back to 1373.