Letting go of a property can be pretty difficult, and this should be the first step to prepare the sale of your house: preparing yourself to detach from this one and start over in a new place.

This will be easier if you start removing your personal belongings and making it look more of a show house than your home. We’re sure you made beautiful memories inside those walls, but percepting the house as an empty property, an infrastructure, can help you get emotionally detached from it.

When you’re ready to really make a move, we advise you to rely on a specialist to help sell your house, making this the time to reach out to an experienced property consultant. He can advise you, help you set a fair price, and has a range of clients ready to invest that can be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Choose a consultant you trust, show them the property you have for sale and you’ll both take it from there, building a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.

A consultant can also help you prepare your house and even get the agency photographer there to take worthy pictures of the property. We cannot stress enough how much the pictures matter when showcasing a property on the internet. This can be what makes a potential buyer decide to call and schedule a visit. It can seem like basic advice but, trust us, it’s still pretty underrated nowadays.

After your consultant gets your property online, both on their agency’s website and the right national and international portals, if you’ve done everything right visitors are starting to schedule visits to see it. Follow our pretty simple (but essential!) suggestions and get your house appealing for buyers!

  1. Remove all personal objects, like pictures, portraits, clothes and, if that’s the case, furniture, for the potential buyer to visualize it with their personal things.
  2. Stage a scenario, insert small pleasuring details like some tea and cups for the space to feel more like home.
  3. Remove everything that you want to take with you, this way the buyer doesn’t see that beautiful decorative piece and think it’s included in the price of the house.
  4. Repair or improve small details or even paint over that green wall on your kid’s bedroom and leave it perfectly white (or any neutral shade).
  5. Clean perfectly and tidy up the place: these are basic things we all expect to see done when visiting a property: finding it spotless.
  6. Let the light in: open the curtains and blinds and also open the windows for fresh air.
  7. Consider the exterior: it is the first thing your visitors will see before walking into the house, so make it especially appealing, clean it, put some plants, wash the roofs, clean the pool, etc.
  8. Tidy up the storage, pantry, garage and other rooms that are often forgotten but equally important.
  9. Scrutinize everything and imagine you’re the buyer: leave the house as you’d like to find it when visiting a property to purchase.

If these tips aren’t enough, Bobby O’Reilly, CEO of UrHome Portugal, has other suggestions for you: