Portugal is the best country to live in after coronavirus

Portugal has been successful in containing the virus, having a little number of confirmed cases when comparing to most of the countries affected.

Due to this time of uncertainty, now investors are starting to think more long-term, not only in a profitability perspective but in the possibility of acquiring a property in a country to relocate to when retiring.

The question now, according to Forbes, is “where in the world will offer the best options for re-positioning yourself overseas?”, because, as they refer, eventually COVID-19 will be contained, and global markets and economies will recover.

We have to think in a post-crisis perspective and have in mind that this is a temporary situation that governments and institutions are joining forces to overcome, along with their citizens.

This is what we all have to bear in mind right now, that this is a storm that will pass, and that we have to set our minds to prepare the afterward.

In a recent article, Forbes points the Algarve coast as the #1 destination to live and retire overseas after the storm passes.

They start by saying that “On Portugal’s coast, you could wake every morning to the sound of local fishermen announcing the morning’s catch and the soft chimes of bicycle bells signaling the start of the daily commute.”

Forbes then highlights 10 other main reasons why the Algarve is the best place in the world to live and retire in, such as all-year-round sun, golf, safety, standard international health care, great beaches and the affordable cost of living.

And also because “Portugal offers the most user-friendly residency option in the Euro-zone”, the Portuguese Golden Visa.

Earlier last year, Forbes had also mentioned Portugal as the best country to retire in 2019.

The Spanish newspaper El País also complimented the way Portugal is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, calling us “the Swedish of the south“, albeit Portugal having half the number of deaths by COVID-19 than Sweden, having roughly the same number of residents.

The famous news channel is saying Portugal has been outstanding when fighting the disease, contradicting the stereotype that northern European countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, France or the Netherlands are the maximum exponent of efficiency and discipline. El País emphasizes our prompt efforts in quickly addressing what needed to be done to fight the pandemic, at the same time that other countries like Spain did, with the big difference that, when we did, the country was only facing 112 cases.

These are compliments that now come from all over the world, with the Brazilian network Globo saying that Portugal is a great example in the control of the virus for every country to follow.

Recapping, we just want to highlight once again the exemplary way in which Portugal is dealing with the situation, what allows us to believe that we will, with the same promptness and assertiveness, overcome the circumstances we’re currently living in.

That is why we believe that Portugal is going to fully recover after this, for the numerous reasons internationally recognized, and will continue to be one of the most attractive places in the world to invest and to live in.