Portugal has been perceived as a “safe haven” in Europe during and post the quarantine constrictions, having a relatively low infection and death rates due to the new coronavirus.

The country is now hoping that this status will be key to attracting investors and tourists once again, as reported by Bloomberg. Our Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, stated earlier that, in line with the International Monetary Fund’s guidance, Portugal is also already allowing small businesses to reopen and gradually expanding those openings to the rest of economy.

Siza Vieira believes that Portugal’s recovery will be “sharp”, now that the confinement measures are being lifted after the end of the state of emergency on May 4th. The country, not that much affected when comparing to neighboring countries, is slowly getting back to normal and benefiting from the fact that it took early measures to restrain the virus.

“The disturbance to activity has been less than in other nations which acted later, and we have still been able to maintain very low levels of contagion and especially very low levels of fatality”, the Minister stated.

Furthermore, he mentions very well known reasons why Portugal is so appealing to foreigners, like being the third safest country in the world. Although recognizing that 2020 will be a rough year, especially for the tourism industry, the country is counting on national tourists to help the sector thrive again while international travel and tourism recover their pace.

When looking to the future of tourism in Portugal, the Minister says that we should market ourselves as a safe country where health and sanitary standards are met, and count especially on Nordic countries’ travelers to help recover the market, since these were also countries not that much shattered by the virus.