Brits living in Portugal: a reminder to register for residency

The Portuguese Immigration and Borders Services (SEF) and the British Embassy in London launched a campaign for the UK nationals living in Portugal to register for continued residency in the country. With the UK’s transition period to withdraw from the European Union coming to an end on December 31, the institutions are reminding those who are interested in remaining in Portugal after the end of this year to register soon.

“UK nationals who are living in Portugal, or plan to by the end of the year, should register for residence” before the end of 2020, Britain’s government stated. Citizens in this situation “should register with their local Town Hall, in order to get their Certificate of Registration”.

Also, those who intend to relocate to Portugal and haven’t yet, are advised to make that move until the aforementioned date, to acquire the rights to work and access education and healthcare in the country. This step is mandatory so the UK citizens are covered under the Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and the European Union. 

Britain’s citizens resident in Portugal will continue to be permitted to travel throughout the European Union countries, using their Portuguese residency“, according to

According to the British Embassy, there are at least 35,000 UK nationals in Portugal, who need to register for residency this year if they haven’t done so by now. The residence documents held by December 31, 2020, will continue to be accepted post-Brexit. This way, UK citizens living in Portugal will continue to be able to travel within the EU countries using their Portuguese residency.

So, if you’re a citizen of the United Kingdom living in Portugal, don’t forget to register for residency in the next couple of months to guarantee your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement!