Portugal – The best retirement destination for British people

Portugal has a great climate, beautiful coastlines alongside historic towns and offers a cost of living that is lower than many other places, so it is the perfect destination for British retirees to enjoy their retirements with peace and tranquility.

Portugal: Best wines at exclusive prices

In an article published by the luxury business magazine Forbes, the “10 Best European Red Wines Under 20$” (18,70€) were revealed and Portugal shows off its “Churchill Estates Douro 2012”.

Portugal in the Top 15 Best National Health Services in the world

Portugal has one of the best healthcare systems, surpassing the UK and Spain and positioning itself in the 14th position in a study about the European Core Health Indicators. Between 2015 and 2016, Portugal rose six positions in the global ranking.

Portugal: Europe’s Hidden Gem

Portugal is predicted to be one of the most visited countries in 2017. With its golden beaches, its crystal clear water and breathtaking landscapes, there’s no doubt why this country is making its name in the tourism industry.

Portugal among the best countries for buy-to-let in Europe

The Portuguese real estate market is growing and investors always keep an eye looking towards Lisbon. Portugal, The Netherlands and Ireland are considered the next hotspots for buy-to-let in Europe, with considerable yields coming from it and the low property prices practiced.

Forbes considers Portugal one of the best destinations for investment

Nowadays, Portugal is one of the best countries to invest in luxury real estate and that’s why Forbes notice it for the rest of the world to know. Among other reasons, they highlight the low prices and the good rental income returns.

Find out the Top 5 Beach Destinations in Portugal

Portugal is famous, amongst a lot of other things, for its stunning beaches. So we made a selection of the top 5 beaches all around Portugal that we think you can’t miss when coming to our beautiful country. Specially around Lisbon and Algarve, take note of these marvelous beach destinations.